PuzzlePiece – Slinky 17 Set Re-Recording – May 2016

PuzzlePiece played at our 17th anniversary of Slinky Family Gathering April 29-May 1, 2016. He played on Saturday afternoon from 4:30-6:00pm during the weekend. This mix is an inspired re-recording of the Drum and Bass set he performed live at Slinky 17.

We had a problem with our live recordings and the resulting quality was not good enough to release.


(Slinky, Pork n Beats-LA)

PuzzlePiece is JAM On It’s resident Drum N Bass maestro. Also the Hubby of our longtime resident Joplin, he once also provided visuals for some past Slinky Family Gatherings. 

All of our mixes will be primarily posted on our website at http://www.jamonitproductions.com. We will also post them to Mixcloud and Hearthis.

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